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What is Pick of the Lit?   Well, have you ever been in the midst of lesson planning, reaching for a Diet Coke, when you suddenly think out loud, “I wish I had the perfect book to teach kids to determine character traits!”?  Or maybe, between handfuls of Cheez-its and Boom Chicka Pop, you start wishing, “Man, what might be the perfect book for introducing symbolism to fourth graders?”

Yeah? Me, too.  And it’s not just you and me. In fact, back in April, my friend Becky (first grade teacher) sent me this text:

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

This really got me thinking. What if there was a place you could look for the perfect book with an empathetic character?   (Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts is magnificent!).  What if there was a place to find a great book for introducing symbolism to fourth graders?  (Pop’s Bridge by Eve Bunting.  That puzzle piece is more than a puzzle piece!).

Finding the right book at the right time for the particular literacy skill you’re trying to teach?  That’s Pick of the Lit.   Thanks for joining me.


Washington, D.C. Elementary Literacy Coach

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